Monday, 1 June 2009

Shopping Disaster

Hello blog lovers!

Well you will be impressed with me today, because today I did turn around lamppost unaided, that is, without a walking stick, (and no that isn't a cruel reference to nagging sister, ha ha ha, but still very apt) and no nagging sister either.

I say no stick because for some reason my heels hurt me, maybe its the footwear I have, I don't not, but thats enough moaning, well, about that anyway.

Let me take you to Saturday first off. The old boy gave me free (well up to a limit) reighn on the debit card to go buy clothes. Well, if anything was going to spur me on to lose all this weight that seems to have found its way home again, it was that day.

Nothing that I took to the dressing room looked or felt right. all those clothes went back to the rails and I went on the search again, I managed to buy a couple of things but then I went and did something very bold, I bought a dress, I wasn't too sure of it, but I went back for a second time and used the card to aquire said item.

This morning however, after stepping on the scales, I started having second thoughts, especialy as the stubborn ones mum said 'no take it back' on Saturday. But I went on my jog, with the thought of that dress in my mind.

The jog (well rather walk) was uneventful, again, but I did it, by myself all the way to turn around lamppost, trying not to worry too much about my slight back ache.
I got back home, looking probaby a lot like the colour of my new dress and collapsed on my cool sofa, still thinking abou that dress.

'I'll try it on again after my shower' I thought to myself 'and see if it has grown on me'

I put the dress, looked in the mirror and recoiled in horror. I looked like a reject garden project from Kew Gardens in my my big red flowery dress!! Thats it, dress going back, looking at the scales every morning (instead of once a year) and keep up with my jogging.

More here tomorrow when nagging sister drags this nearly inspired wanna be fit person again. And I have promised myself that I will have fun when I'm fit, fun while I'm getting fit and fun BLOOMING STAYING FIT!

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